Online Tennis Betting

In January of every year, legions of fans gather to watch the Australian Open. Australian punters who enjoy online tennis betting are in their element at this time, with a variety of bets for them to choose from, from bets made before the tournament begins, to those made during. Punters even enjoy live betting during some of the matches, as the odds change from one minute to the next as the game unfolds.

The Grand Slam itinerary consists of the Australian Open, taking place in mid-January, the French Open in May and June, Wimbledon in June and July, and the US Open in August and September. Being able to take part in the tennis betting opportunities that these international events such as the Fed Cup provide is something Australian punters do not take lightly, and mobile users have the most convenient access of all.

You no longer need to attend an event you wish to place a bet on, or even be near a computer or laptop in order to do so. Any mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, will be able to get you in on a piece of the action, and you can enjoy the thrills and drama of each and every game from wherever you happen to be, as long as your mobile device has internet connection and enough battery life. Whether it is an iDevice, Blackberry, Samsung or Windows phone, or any of a host of others, you now are able to take your love of tennis betting with you wherever you go.

Mobile Applications For All Handsets

Browse the collection of mobile betting sites featured on this website and take your pick from the best of what Australia has to offer. Safe, easy to use sports books provide you with the latest and best odds, markets and prices, and you are able to enjoy online tennis betting at any point during your day or night, from wherever you happen to be.

Customized applications, removed of all extraneous features, are available for your handset, and you will find toned down software that is easy to navigate as well as safe, and well integrated with the specifications of your device. Your data charges will not be adversely affected, and you can expect fast access to the games you love to bet on, as well as all the information you need in order to do so.

Should you not wish to download an mobile betting app, in the interests of conserving memory space perhaps, then you will be able to very quickly navigate to the sportsbook of your choice by means of the browser already installed on your device.

Take your pick of ways to access the game, as instant admission is no longer further away than the tips of your fingers.

A Variety Of Tennis Bets Available

Smaller games are available between the Grand Slam tournaments, all of which provide Australian punters with tennis betting options all year round.

Outright, match and set bets are the most popular, with some bookmakers even allowing punters to name the loser of a tournament instead of the winner. Find the wager you like to make when you start exploring the convenience of online tennis betting from your mobile device.