Rugby Betting Australia

Rugby is one of the most popular sports in Australia and they have one the strongest rugby sides in the world. As well as playing rugby, Australians love to bet on the game as well. When online betting came about, the numbers of punters grew. Now that we have mobile devices to bet with, there are even more Australians placing bets on rugby games than ever before. Mobile betting gives the punter better odds and he also receives a lot of very useful information that will enable him to make a more informed bet. Punters can now make bets any time of the day or night, no matter where they are.

Different Types Of Rugby Bets

In Australia there are 2 different types of rugby that are played professionally and both types are great for mobile punters to place bets on. The first type of rugby is the Rugby Union and the second type is the Rugby League. The main difference in these types of rugby is that Rugby Union matches last for about 35 minutes while Rugby League matches last for about 80 minutes. Both of these types of rugby are well supported by mobile punters and offer great wins.

Placing Bets On Rugby Games

When it comes to mobile betting sites in Australia, there are different betting options for the Rugby League and the Rugby Union. There is a wide variety of bets from the very simple and straightforward bet to the more complicated exotic bets. The Rugby Union has 3 major focuses and they are the test tournament, club rugby and the sevens matches. The most popular rugby tournament in Australia and the world is the test tournament and this is because all the best teams in the world are represented. These test tournaments have great mobile rugby betting options and there are excellent prizes to be won. The sevens and club rugby are more local and country specific and also extremely popular with the Australians. Mobile punters can make bets on individual players in these matches, as well as the usual win/lose bets.

Choosing Your Team

Every mobile punter has a favourite rugby team and often it is difficult to bet against them. When making a bet, you really have to keep in mind that making the right choice is the most important thing and doing a bit of research ahead of the game can really give you an advantage. When rugby betting Australia, mobile punters often make bets with their emotions, instead of placing a bet on the team that is more likely to win.

Local Rugby Betting

Australians love their local rugby too, and NRL betting is becoming more and more popular for mobile punters. The most popular bet on the NRL is the simple win/lose bet and on some mobile bookmakers’ sites, punters offer live betting, which means that the punter can place bets after the game has started.

When it comes to mobile Rugby betting, all reputable, recommended bookmakers listed here offer different odds, promotions and free bets, so it is always a good idea to read the reviews on this site before making a decision. If you are a rugby fan, then grab your mobile device now and see what your rugby betting options are, the next try scored could just see you win big.