Mobile NRL Betting

A good rugby game becomes that much better when a winning team puts a little money in your pocket, as any Australian punter will tell you. Online NRL betting affords fans a whole new level of enjoyment as the game they are invested in unfolds, and the Australian sports books featured on this website offer punters mobile access in order to do just that. Make use of your Samsung, Android, Blackberry or iPhone betting app to lay a wager on the winner and find a new way to get involved in the rugby games you love.

NRL Bets To Suit Everybody’s Taste

The Australian bookmakers offering mobile access featured here make sure their customers have a wide range of ways to lay their NRL bets, so take some time to explore your online NRL betting options and find the one that suits you.

Head to head bets are very popular, and can be a great start for punters who are exploring online NRL betting for the first time. Pick a team to win the match, and collect your money on the NRL betting odds afforded each. The unpredictability of the game of rugby is what makes this type of betting so popular, as bookmakers afford punters a great way to take advantage of the fluctuations of each team through the game. You can bet on whether or not a try will be converted, for example, in the full knowledge that even when a team gains a try a conversion is not necessarily in the bag.

For punters who prefer more complex NRL bets, wagers like picking the margins can be explored. This would entail bettors estimating the difference between the scores of the teams at a variety of points during the game, like half time, the 80th minute and the moment when the game draws to a close.

Choosing a lead for various points during the game is also fun, and this is where the half time, full time and double bets come in. As fortunes fluctuate throughout the match, punters can be outwitted at the very last minute with these types of bet, and collect great payouts if their team pulls through.

How a team acquires its first goal is also an NRL betting option, as well as whether or not your favourites will get their first points thanks to a try. The unpredictability of the players and the teams they are part of make this type of NRL Grand Final betting as much fun as it is, and rugby fans will notice an extra edge to their enjoyment of the game when they have cash attached to its outcome.

Punters can bet on field goals being made, and NRL bets based on players’ performance, and the tension and excitement mobile betting sites provide is the main reason it is so popular both within the borders of Australia and outside them.

How To Choose From NRL Betting Odds Options

Placing NRL bets according to a team’s performance history is always recommended, but loyalty is a given for most rugby supporters. Whether you make your decisions based on your emotional attachment to the players and their teams or you favour a more statistics based approach, you can be sure that NRL betting provides great fun and excitement no matter how large or small your bet ends up being.