Greyhound Racing Betting

The quick pace Greyhound races enjoy, as well as the fast turnaround between matches, is possibly matched only by the speed with which payouts are made for the Greyhound betting punters who have won. More and more bettors are flocking to this great racing sport, for the reasons listed above and more, and are enjoying far easier access thanks to Greyhound betting sites providing mobile access.

You no longer have to attend one of these races in order to enjoy betting on them, thanks to the internet, but you also no longer need to find time to sit down at your laptop or computer either. Greyhound racing betting online can be done from wherever you happen to be as you go about your day or night, and all the markets, info, prices, odds and greyhound betting options you need are always easily accessible. Simply browse the sports books featured here and start enjoying mobile betting sites giving access to this high energy competition. The talking, testing tool you are never without is also now a means by which you can lay wagers and take part in the action and drama of Greyhound racing betting, no matter where in the world the race is taking place.

A Customized Greyhound Betting Application

Greyhound betting sites now offer applications that have been tailor made to suit a wide variety of popular devices, and you will have no trouble finding one for your handset when you go online. These apps are small, taking up very little space on your gadget, and streamlined so as not to incur enormous data charges for punters. You will find them easy to use, safe, and fun, and will never have to wait to start Greyhound racing betting again.

Great Greyhound Bet Varieties For Punters

Horse racing betting fans will be pleasantly surprised by how similar the Greyhound betting options are to those they know.

Win betting is a very popular wager, for both newcomers and more experienced bettors, and requires punters to select which dog will take first place. Place greyhound racing betting has you predicting which animal will take the first, second or third place, and the each way greyhound bet combines these, allowing for a double bet, and, possibly, a double win. Should the animal you nominate take first place you will collect on both greyhound bets, the win and the place, however, should it come second or third you will be paid out on only the last.

Exotic greyhound bets like the quinella are also popular, and here punters need to predict the first and second place animals in order to collect. A box quinella allows you to choose more than two animals, and, as long as they come in at the first and second positions, you collect.

The exacts is for punters who are sure they know which dogs will place first and second, requiring them to arrive in the order you predicted, and the doubles bet allows you to predict the winner for two races, usually one after the other.

Take your time, browse the Greyhound betting site and Greyhound betting online options featured here, and start enjoying a day at the races no matter where you happen to be.