Online Election Betting

Everyone has an opinion on the candidates and parties running for election or re-election, and online election betting allows punters to put their money where their mouth is. Information relevant to the outcome of any type of event that requires voting is widely available for Australian punters to make use of, and many are taking advantage of it. Bettors no longer even need unrestricted access to their computers or laptops in order to hazard their guesses, as smartphones and tablets ensure we have all the internet access we require whenever we want it.

Whether it is an Android, Samsung, Apple or Blackberry, smartphone or tablet you make use of in your day to day life, you can now access some of the best Australian election betting sites whenever you feel like it. With the majority offering mobile betting app access, you can choose to download an application that allows you to lay your election bets or simply head over to the sports book of your choosing by means of the internet browser already installed on your device.

The applications are streamlined in order to make them more efficient, and you will find them stripped of all unnecessary elements and extraneous features. Toned down apps ensure you are able to browse markets, odds, prices and inside information easily and quickly and keep your data charges at bay too. Find one today and start earning a payout when your predictions about a politician and his party prove to be correct.

The Allure of Election Bets

Because Australian punters can only take part in online election betting once every three years, they hurry to it when they can. Federal elections only happen every third year and state elections every fourth. Perhaps the popularity of Australian election betting is due to how rarely one is able to take part, but it is certainly on the rise. While State elections do not occur at the same time across Australia, federal ones happen in November, and odds are generally provided well in advance for interested punters.

The government structure in Australia is made up of a house of representatives and a senate, with the former being decided in general elections. The preferential voting system is in place here, too, whereby voters indicate their choices by order of preference.

Australian Election Betting Options

Punters interested in online election betting can choose from a number of different election bets, including trying to predict who will win a State or Federal election overall, the candidate who will win either an individual seat or district, and how many seats an alliance or party secures.

It is always recommended that punters taking part in Australian election betting try to keep their personal preferences out of the selection process, and make sure they are up to date with all the latest information on candidates and parties. The constant availability of this kind of data makes picking a winner easier and a savvy punter will be able to profit handsomely from online election betting if he or she takes care to shape an opinion removed from emotions and partiality.

Choose one of our recommended Australian mobile betting sites that cater for mobile and start punting on your preferred electoral candidates from the palm of your hand.