Click to Call Live Betting

Live in play betting has taken a giant leap forward with Click to Call now available to all Australian punters. Developed by leading online bookmaker brand William Hill and available at Tom Waterhouse, their sister site, this new way to wager is fast changing the face of live betting and streamlining what has been in the past a time consuming and often complex process for most mobile betting sites.

The Click to Call live betting feature allows for Australians to place bets online without having to chat to a telephone operator. The principle of betting remains the same, but connecting to a live bet contact centre and following the prompts makes in play wagering easy, fast and intuitive. This innovative betting process is legal for Australians and is efficient and exciting as it allows you to get back to watching the game without any real delay.

An Innovative In Play Betting Alternative

The practice of in play betting refers to wagers that are placed once a match or event has already started and these wagers can have variable odds that change at any given time, as one side or player proves to be the stronger opponent. With Click to Call betting you can get up to the minute odds and waste no time in placing your bet, ensuring you can take advantage of all the incredible opportunities open to you.

Live betting is not only very rewarding it’s very exciting, and especially in games such as rugby where the fast pace and physical nature of the sport makes it so unpredictable; these types of bets can have you on the edge of your seat. Click to Call ensures that placing a bet doesn’t take long at all and all you need is your computer or compatible mobile device and an internet connection.

Live Betting Made Simple

Click to Call live betting requires a punter to allow the bookmaker access to their microphone. You’ll have to select the market you want, the bet you wish to place and then click the call button which will connect you with an operator. Thereafter following the online or audio prompts will see your bet being successfully placed and you can get back to the game without any major interruptions.

Your betting slip will reflect your live bet and if your predicted result becomes a reality you’ll be rewarded a payout based on the odds available at the time of your wager. Live betting using this format is as simple as 1, 2, 3 and even beginner punters will feel comfortable opting for this option making use of some free bets.

A Smart Live Betting Alternative

In Australia live bets are regulated by the 2001 Interactive Gambling act that states that all bets placed after an event has commenced must be done so telephonically. William Hill has adhered to this act and in response has developed Click to Call which falls within the parameters of the ruling but makes it easier for Australia’s to still bet whilst online.

Combining speed, simplicity and all the excitement that in play betting has to offer, Click to Call is a superb alternative for Australians who don’t want to waste time getting their wagers in. This excellent online betting initiative will revitalise and reinvent the way Australians enjoy live betting and looks set to take the industry by storm.