Mobile Totes Betting Australia

Finding a good sportsbook is becoming more and more difficult to do, with so many popping up in order to meet the increasing demand for them as punters start mobile betting. Use the information and advice available on this website to help make your decision, and start enjoying the best mobile totes betting sites available in all of Australia. While the decision making process can be somewhat overwhelming, the host of information available here will go some way towards making it less so.

All The Best Mobile Tote Betting

Online totes betting is most commonly referred to as pool betting, but is also known by its French moniker, pari-mutuel horse betting. It differs from fixed online bets in that the punter does not know what the odds are on the bet he or she is making until the event has closed. This is usually when it begins, but once it has closed no more bets are taken for it. The stakes for the event are then tallied up, and, after the house has taken its percentage, the remainder is divvied up between all the individuals who picked the winner for the race.

The total payout for the more popular horses is less, since the larger probability of them taking first place attracts far more totes betting punters, meaning that the winnings will be split between more bettors when the horse does in fact win the race. Should punters lay their money on an outsider, however, then the dividends can be far larger, depending on the odds, as the pool is shared between fewer people.

Punters Pick Between Different Totes Bets

The best mobile totes betting sites will offer punters a host of different types of bets, from win bets to exotics. Choose between place bets, exacta, trifecta, quinella, superfecta, box bets, doubles, sweeps and quadrella. While small variations are expected, these more popular wager types are always available.

To place a win bet, punters will need to pick the horse that finishes the race in first place, and a place bet names the animal finishing the competition in the first, second, or third position. The type of horse race decides which bets are available, as an NTD, or no third dividend, stipulation is usually applied to races with only five to seven runners, meaning that it will not be possible for bets to be made on the horse taking third place. When there are less than four horses taking part in a race, punters will usually be limited to making a win bet.

Browse the options available here, and find the best mobile betting site for your bookmaking needs today.

Mobile Totes Betting On The Go

In today’s fast-paced world we are hardly ever without our smartphones or mobile devices, and the best mobile totes betting sites make sure we need no longer limit our betting to when we are able to gain access to a computer or laptop. Whether it is a Samsung, Apple, Blackberry or Windows phone you are making use of, or one of the related tablets these companies provide, you are now able to access the best mobile totes sites whenever you like.