AFL Betting Online

This website provides interested punters with access to the best Australian sports books providing their users with mobile access. Enjoy the latest inside information, markets, prices and odds, and start AFL betting Australia as soon as you like. The enjoyment of a football game is significantly increased when you have some money depending on the outcome of it, and the bookmakers featured on this website ensure that you are kept up to date with all the information necessary to the winning AFL bets.

The two Australian events highlighting the excitement of AFL betting are the Brown low and Coleman medals, which take place as the football season is drawing to a close. Try to predict the winners in these cases and you could secure a considerable payout.

AFL Punters And The Coleman Medal

You can start AFL betting by trying to guess who the top scorer of the entire season will be, the winner of the Coleman medal. The sports books available here will assist you in finding the best odds on the most likely players, and offer tips as to who is taking the lead in the race and why. Should you not wish to specify, you can simply nominate the team you think the winner will belong to, and watch the drama unfold as the season progresses and your moment of truth approaches.

Bet On The AFL Brown Low Recipient

The Brown low Medal is awarded to the fairest and best player of the entire Australian Football League, and is presented at the Crown Palladium Ballroom in Melbourne. First awarded in 1924, the winner is determined by votes cast by the officiating umpires of each game, and is definitely the most prestigious award an AFL player can hope to receive.

Keep your ear to the ground, and try to get in on this bet as early as you can, as the odds at your favourite mobile betting sites will change significantly as the season progresses.

 AFL Bets Australia: A Favorite With Punters

The AFL games are subject to rules that set them apart from the other types of football games enjoyed around the world. The games are played on a large oval field, consist of 18 players on each team, and take place over four quarters. Points are scored as players kick the ball through goal posts, with six points awarded each time this feat is managed. Should the ball simply pass the outer posts the points are reduced to just one.

Punters interested in AFL betting Australia should try their level best to keep their personal loyalties out of the AFL betting system, and keep up to date with all the news and latest developments relevant to their AFL bets. Keeping an eye on outcomes and statistics will ensure you make winning AFL bets more often than not.

Download an AFL betting Australia application from one of the great Australian sports books available here, and start enjoying the games by means of your Android, Blackberry, Samsung or iDevice today. You can make sure you never miss an AFL betting opportunity again when you start taking advantage of mobile betting apps.